And that's not all ...


There are other areas you should consider before you retire. Here are some of the more common subjects you should think about:


    • Pay more into your pension.  As you approach retirement, you may want to consider whether you should increase your pension contributions to boost your income in retirement.
    • Review where your pension fund is invested. In defined contribution schemes, you will generally decide where to invest your money. As you draw near to retirement, you should make sure you are not overly exposed to riskier investments.
    • Pay off any debt. It usually makes sense to pay off any debt you may have before you retire if this is achievable.
    • Pension Tracing Service. Don't lose track of your previous pensions. The Pension Tracing Service has details of over 200,000 pension schemes.
    • How long will you live? No-one can predict the future, but there are some facts and statistics that may help you estimate your likely life expectancy in retirement.


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