Nearly 15,000 people in the UK over 100 years old


Office for National Statistics figures suggest there are nearly 15,000 centenarians in the UK. There has never been a more exciting time to retire.  Generally, people today are living longer, healthier and more productive lives than any other generation.


A little time spent now, can help you make the right financial decisions as you approach retirement.

We'll explain exactly what benefits you’re entitled to from the State, explore how to make the most of your pension savings and how to organise any other savings you have to reduce the tax you pay in retirement. We'll also look at ways you can generate an income from your home.

If any of this sounds difficult, don’t worry. With the help of easy to use tools, case studies and practical examples, we'll make it as simple as we can.

Don't lose out

Planning ahead could make a significant difference to your income in retirement. For example:

    • Shop around. Choosing the right product for your pension savings could boost your income significantly.
    • No claim, no gain. There are benefits you have to claim for or they won't be paid.
    • Save tax. If you have other savings and investments, we'll show you how you can pay little or no tax on any income you take.  
    • Is your home your pension? Discover the different ways you can use your home to help you in retirement.

Note: This content is general, high level information only and should not be interpreted as individual advice. Because the circumstances of each individual will be different and not known to us we recommend that advice, tailored to your circumstances, is sought from a financial adviser.


Whilst we have made every effort to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date, please be aware that legislation and tax laws do change.



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