Case studies


It can be difficult to understand how different products can help in different situations, so here are a number of hypothetical case studies that can help. Each case study takes a particular situation and shows how, with the help of an adviser, each individual arrives at a solution that feels right for their circumstances:

  • Colin Jones has dementia and plans to take his entire pension pot as cash as he’s uncertain how long he will live, but is that the right course?
  • Bob Smith has plans to use his pension pot to buy a property and become a buy to let landlord (and provide his pension in retirement through the rental income), but there are significant drawbacks to this approach as his adviser points out.
  • Sam Sharp is worried that the government will reverse the pension reforms at some point so she wants to take her pension pot entirely as cash. Her adviser is concerned about the tax she will pay so suggests an alternative approach.
  • Deborah White needs to generate more income from her pension pot, but also wants to set aside money for a rainy day (or the occasional treat). How might she achieve this?
  • Simon likes the idea of taking some investment risk with his pension pot to grow his income, but is nervous about taking on too much risk. How can he benefit from growth in the price of stocks and shares, with taking significant risks?

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