Help and support at retirement


For many people, it probably makes sense to seek help with their retirement planning. Often, this will involve contacting a financial adviser, but there are other sources of support. In this section, we explain the different types of support available and provide information on the costs and benefits of seeking professional help:

  • 'Advice' and 'guidance' explained’ defines the difference between advice and guidance (they have special meanings in financial services).
  • Commission and fees compares the two methods of payment (firms providing ‘guidance’ can still take commissions).
  • Pension Wise is a free service, established by the government, to help people approaching retirement understand their options.
  • Three reasons to consider advice emphasises the importance of advice at retirement.
  • The advice process outlines what to expect when people consult an adviser.
  • Types of adviser examines the scope of different types of advice.
  • Finding an adviser lists some of the more popular online directories.


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