What does the service do?

We have teamed up with The Open Market Annuity Service to help support you around your annuity choices.


The service is designed to provide you with all the information you need to find the best income & select the annuity options that are right for you.


*Please note, we cannot provide a personal recommendation or advice. We provide the information you need to make an informed choice.


Personalised Retirement Report

Designed to help you understand and compare your annuity options, the report contains a range of accurate incomes based on your details.

This allows you to compare the impact on income a range of annuity options, such as escalation, spouses pension and payment frequency.

Online Tools

Some customers like to find out more, and On Line Assist provides a wealth of personalised facts and figures to help you make the right choices, all available at the click of a button.

Higher income for health & lifestyle conditions

We are experts at finding the best terms from across the entire market and we can make it easy for you to give us the information we need.

There are up to 1500 different conditions that could qualify you for more income. Anything from smoking & minor health conditions can qualify you for more income for life.

All you need to do is provide us with some information, which you can do online, or using a short questionnaire.

Friendly knowledgeable staff on the phone to help you

Our friendly knowledgeable staff are available at the end of the phone to support you at every stage of the process. We can't tell you what's right for you, or offer individual financial advice, but we can answer your questions and help you with the paperwork.


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